Mostly because the new car customers have learned over generations that basically they are going to “feel” ripped off in the entire purchasing experience.

From faux sticker pricing, to alarming and surprising document fees, to finally ending up at the Finance Managers desk and for the most part not understanding how somehow that person is going to weezle some sort of extra finance fee that you cannot figure out because now you have been at the dealership for over 3 hours and you want to go home.

Car dealerships typically get a D- for their marketing efforts; all they understand is SELL, SELL, SELL!  And, corporately, 100% of OEM car companies have NO IDEA how to connect with local prospective customers.

Findlay Volvo in Las Vegas has been for many years  gifting their new car customers a premium gift bag with a variety of Volvo and Findlay Volvo branded swag.  The customers REALLY, REALLY appreciate this and this literally adds a bow on top of their new car buying experience. Now customers expect this when they come back for their next car!

So, how do you convince the General Manager to spend money for a swag bag?

  1. Remind the G.M. that it costs a lot more $$$$ for new customers than it does for repeat customers!
  2. Let your Parts Manager order swag as their department orders parts.  With a basic new car buyer swag bag, the parts department then bills the sales department $50.00 for each bag.  Isn’t your new future repeat customer worth that?

The mission statement for this website is to provide customized, premium promotional products to Volvo dealerships in the Lower 48 states to assist in the increased customer ownership experience.

After decades of marketing success, we shifted gears and embraced promotional products over 13 years ago. This new venture has allowed us to discover the most popular and impactful promotional items for our valued clients.

Our north star has always been enhancing the customer experience. That commitment led me to purchase my first Volvo 5 years ago – an XC70 that demonstrated the importance of cultivating positive dealer relationships.

2018 Volvo V90 CC T6 with Polestar Upgrade

I eventually upgraded to a V90 Cross-Country T6, and the dealership took interest in my knack for branded merchandise. They wondered if I could sprinkle some promotional magic for their own customers. Well, the rest is history!

Leveraging over 20 years of marketing moxie, I helped the dealership boost engagement through strategic promotional products. My personal passion for Volvo aligned perfectly with their customer-centric approach. It was a match made in marketing heaven!