We have already spelled out our purpose for this website, with the goal of providing Volvo dealerships an additional option for premium branded swag that typically would be given to the customers with the purchase of their new vehicle and/or as retail merchandise in their respective showrooms.

Custom drinkware exampleCan’t anyone do this? Maybe so, but we are a paid member with PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) which as been the standard-setting international trade association for the promotional products’ industry.

PPAI strives to provide leadership by example to advance sustainability efforts in the promotional products’ industry. We will engage in carbon monitoring activities and waste diversion techniques, and seek other methods of reducing or offsetting our emissions and waste. This policy relates to our events, staff travel, and office operations. We will improve as we learn, measure our progress, and share the lessons we learned with the industry.

This falls in line with Volvo’s Mission Statement of sustainability and commitment to quality and innovation. Yes, many products originate in China and are then private labeled here in the USA.  The difference is that all vendors we source our products from must meet stringent standards for safety, functionality and sustainability.

Connect with us to learn more, and we encourage reading more at the PPAI website.