We are a Veteran-owned small business enterprise.We are a Veteran-owned small business enterprise based in Las Vegas, doing business as North Star Multimedia. There is a $750 minimum for the first order you place with us.  Until we have a mutual trust and experience of regular payments, a 50% deposit is required for all orders.  We bank with Chase and prefer company checks, but we can receive Zelle payments at no extra charge.

We can also process payments with a company credit card, but there is a 4.5% service fee for each transaction.  We will need a copy of your states’ resale certificate and some sort of official letterhead or document stating who has authority to place orders if you do not have a legally binding purchase order process. *Doing business with the local dealership, our business is setup for ACH payments which is also an option.

Final payments are NET15.  Any invoices over 30 days will be accessed a $250 administrative fee plus 4.5% on the remaining balance. Obviously we would never want to impose that but our vendors require us to pay within 30 days.